Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Princepessa is six going on sixteen!

Even though I like to eat cavegirl style,
I am a GIRLY girl!
 This is my Princepessa. 6 years ago today she entered the world charming me, our doula, her dad and the entire hospital staff with her perfectness...she continues her journey of charming almost all who meet her daily. She is the most social of my 3 kids as well as being the most outgoing. She also has a killer sense of humor!

Here are some snippets of conversations either heard or relayed that Princepessa has had:

1. At 3 years old Princepessa was in a daycare. She had fallen and hit her head. The policy of the school is to call whenever any type of injury occurs involving the head. The teacher took her in to the office to make the call. While I was speaking with her teacher, Princepessa had the following discussion with the administrative assistant of the school:

P: You are very beautiful Ms. B.
Ms. B: Thank you P.
P: Ms. B, Why are your boobies so big?
Ms. B: Because that's the way God made them.
P: After thinking about it for a while responds, "Well you must have been a really good angel before you were born for God to give you those boobies, they are VERY nice!"

2. Our Nanny, aka the kind woman who keeps me sane, took Princepessa and her siblings swimming this Summer at a friend's house.  Nanny's friend is this gorgeous Chaldean girl with this beautifully bronze skin.  P asked her if she had been tanning.  The kind lady explained that no, she was born with darker skin.  Princepessa responded, "Well your mommy must have had a sunlamp in her tummy for you to have such tan skin!"

3.  On my recent birthday we had the following conversation:
P:  Happy Birthday Mommy!  You are the most gorgeous mommy in the whole universe.  You are better than a Princess, you are the Queen of all beautiful mommies!"
Me:  Thanks!  I love you so much, I think you are the sweetest little girl in the whole universe!
P: I love you so much that when you die, I am coming to your memorial service and then every single year I will go to your grave and put flowers on it!
Me: That would be nice, but could we please not discuss my dying on my birthday?
P:  Well, did you know that if you live to be 100 years old the President will call you on your birthday?  How many more years will that be for you, mommy?
Me: 48
P: <insert long pause with sound of crickets>  Well.......oh.......that's a long time.....but, I will put flowers on your grave every year.

Not only is the precious child precocious, she is also very smart and very artistic.  She is the kind of kid that will sit for hours and hours completing art projects.  All of which are "Special" and must be hung up and are dedicated to me, her "most awesomist mom in the world."   HOWEVER, she cannot focus long enough to remember to flush the toilet! 

I bet even this can can remember to flush, but
Princepessa always forgets!
 She is the ultimate girly girl, which I think is one of the things that proves to me God has a sense of humor.  I am about as girly as a lumberjack.  For her birthday these are her top items on her list:  Glitter make-up, nail polish, diamonds, rubies, all day spa trip, and high heeled shoes......PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW!  I had to break her heart and tell her that she has caviar taste on a hot dog budget.....Then she added caviar to her wish list!

Hello! I am P's new best friend!
Princepessa has never met a stranger.  In fact she has never met an acquaintance.  All new people are her new BFF's.  She HUGS everyone, and I mean everyone she meets.  This is all cute and adorable on TV, but not so much when you are her mother and it is your job to keep her safe from the creepy people in the world.  I am constantly reminding her that if she doesn't know the person's name, chances are they are strangers.  She will then proceed to introduce herself, so that they can be new BFF's and she can hug them.  *sigh* I have been castigated by strangers for not teaching her "stranger danger" I kid you not!  I always respond by letting them know that they are more than welcomed to buy her on eBay and teach her themselves.  She is currently listed at $1B...any takers?

Until next time!

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