Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anxiety....Why do things have to come out?

We all have anxieties or things that make us feel anxious.  I have quite a few, but none are as embarrassing as my fear of things that come out of the human body.

One of my biggest ones is lutropublicaphobia (OMG, I want to use that in words with friends so bad).  This is the fear of "going" in public restrooms.  I really don't have a problem with using a public is I just freak out a bit if ANYONE else happens to be in said restroom.  AND, I get uber-panicked if I don't have to just pee.

My favorite type of bathroom...NO stalls!
There have been more instances than I can ever count when I have to "go" so I head to my work restroom.  All the while I am PRAYING and talking to myself that there PLEASE not be ANYONE in there when I open the door.  Most of the time, if some poor soul has had the gall to actually use MY bathroom, I will simply leave and then stalk the door waiting for them to leave.