Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mortgage, Acne, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc...OH MY

Well, you can probably see by the title how my week is going...about as well as trying to roll a snowball uphill!  I am in the process of refinancing my house.  I love how the mortgage companies are all like: "Oh this will be SO easy, just fill out this form online and you will be *almost* done."  Then you fill out the friggin' form which takes 3 hours and find out that you will spend the next 10 days looking for shit documents you haven't looked at for 5 or more years, answering the same questions on the phone to 10 different people, scurying around trying to find a FAX machine...I mean really, who in the hell doesn't accept documents via e-mail these days....and basically wishing you were happy with the crappy mortgage you already have.

My son, Bubbie, has severe ADHD...and it is not the ADHD that all teachers/parents give to "that" kid who is just annoying.  We are talking: 1,000,000 miles per minute thoughts, bouncing off the walls (I swear, the kid vibrates he has so much pent up energy), can't remember anything longer than 2 seconds, ADHD.  We tried everything and finally decided better living through pharmacology isn't always a bad thing and medicated him with Adderall.  In my house the adderall is called "Thank you all mighty all knowing wonderful Pfizer the maker of the drug that allows my child to learn."  Unfortunately, now that he is actually able to stop the buzzing in his head long enough to learn, we found out that part of his issue is called Scotopic Sensory Syndrome.  SSS is a form of dyslexia and basically Bubbie sees and process images and text the same way most people do, but he has an execution issue when it comes to writing it down.  He has lots of letter reversals, sees text as jumping on the page, and can not copy anything down correctly.  He is reading (believe it or not) way beyond grade level, but can not spell, write sentences, grasp punctuation, and other mechanics of fine motor skills that normal 8 year olds can.  Now here's the suckness of the situation....he is "on grade level" for all subjects which basically means he is not eligible for educational resources through the school district...yeah I know....Whuck?  Thankfully my lovely school is making accommodations for him, and we are hoping that he can learn coping skills and out grow the SSS.

Acne: a cross almost every woman has had to bear during her lifetime.  However, not a cross an 11 year old should have, right?  Manudo has some nasty ass looking acne on her forehead.  We have tried every product at CVS as well as many "suggestions" from friends...none worked.  Finally took her to the doctor and we are now trying some more majorly expensive stuff....crossing my fingers this works, cuz the poor kid just got glasses, needs braces in the next couple of months and is entering middle school (aka the biggest most awful horrible time to be a girl) in the Fall.  I think I will be preording some xanax now.

Oh, and Princepessa is a freaking THIEF!  Her kindy teacher called me and told me twice she has been caught trying to take things.  So now she is locked up in kiddy jail begging for her afternoon ration of milk and cookies (just kidding).

Merlot Take Me Away!!!!

NOW, please!

Until next time,

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